The best way to mount the sign with standoffs is to take measurements where the hole centers will be and lightly mark the wall with a pencil. You can also hold your sign up to the wall and use the pre-drilled holes as a template to mark the wall with a pencil where to drill. Just make sure you use a level so your sign is mounted straight. A small hole is drilled into the wall where the anchor is then inserted. After the anchor is placed, the standoff is placed over the anchor and the screw is drilled into the anchor through the hole on the back of the standoff. Once the standoff is in place, the sign with predrilled holes is held over the mounted standoffs with a plastic washer between the end of the standoff and the back of the sign. The Standoff screw cap is then threaded into the standoff housing with a second plastic washer on the front side of the sign.

One of the most professional ways to hang a sign in a business setting is to use standoffs. First impressions are important to guests and customers. Having a clean, elegant finish to your sign sends an unspoken message of trust, and pride in what you do.  As a visitor to a restaurant, an office, or a public building, you might not notice exactly how a sign is hanged, but it’s the small details that make all the difference in how a sign looks and feels.

Standoffs, sometimes called standoff screws are a hardware option for hanging a rigid sign through drilled holes. Standoffs attach your sign to a wall, placing an aesthetically pleasing gap of one inch in between the sign material and the wall. The result:  a dramatic and eye-catching display.

Standoffs function as fasteners, creating a durable mount for any sign. They also become part of the design and presentation of the finished sign. Standoff screws are usually round and fit through the drilled holes on your sign. Standoffs are commonly made of aluminum, brass, or nylon. There are many different finishes for standoffs including brushed, chrome, nickel, anodized, and more. Our standoffs are a beautiful brushed, anodized aluminum that look great with any sign.

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