Choosing the right font is a must-have that involves for marketing your business. It conveys your message and frames your graphic design artwork whether it’s a poster, business card, invitation, flyer or any other promotional items. We give you a simple guide on the fundamentals of fonts and font pairings,

ABOVE: Seven most popular fonts for logos and marketing material.

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Ever wonder why Coca-Cola or Nike are so successful?  Branding can be the most important part of your business.  Whether it is the design of your logo, the colors you use, or the font you choose.  ALL of these elements are incredibly important for when you are starting or re-branding your company.  Henson Sign & Graphics can provide  a design team that will help you will all of these important key features when getting started.  

From a non-designer’s point of view, logos just seem like an effortless scribble splashed across a business card or a website. On the contrary, there are a lot of elements to consider when designing a logo. How would YOU condense one business idea or vision into one simple graphic? It’s not as easy as it looks.

Translating an idea from pen and paper to a fully rendered digital product takes time, a lot of research and playing around. It is a complicated design process but when approached the right way, can assist with the success of the business.

Imagine trying to give a good first impression to a stranger you’ve just met. It’s easy to play it safe and to present yourself formally, but you risk appearing boring and unexcitable because you are not displaying your true characteristics. However, if you were to reveal a bit of your personality, you allow the chance for this new person to understand who you really are, build a relationship and some trust with you and as a result make a (hopefully) long lasting impression. This is also the case with branding and identity.